Illustrative Mathematics

Customers can now access the highest-rated middle school math curriculum on LearnZillion’s teacher-friendly, classroom-ready platform, tuned to promote instructional fidelity.

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Full lesson plan

Easy whole class instruction

With easy-to-use lesson plans, student materials, and built-in teacher guidance, teachers can comfortably use LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics 6‑8 Math for whole class instruction.

Support for differentiation

LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics 6‑8 Math removes barriers for teachers. Instead of spending hours preparing lesson materials, teachers can focus on understanding the math and differentiating materials. Our platform makes it easy for teachers to tune the curriculum for small group and individual instruction.

Find out why LearnZillion is the least expensive option for implementing Illustrative Mathematics.

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Integrated digital assessments

We’ve digitized the Illustrative Mathematics 6‑8 Math assessments and practice items so that teachers can get auto-scored formative feedback on student mastery, and students can get more practice with tech-enabled problem types.


Experience the excellence of Illustrative Mathematics 6‑8 Math in a format that teachers want to use.